Spiritual Programme

CITC’s objective is to equip young people physically, mentally and spiritually as derived from Ephasians 4:28 " Let the thief no longer steal rather let him labor (learn to work) doing honest work with his hands, so that he may be able to earn an honest living and giving those in need" . The project is guided by Christian Spirit of caring to the less fortunate by developing and enhancing them socially, economically, psychologically and spiritually.

CITC Prayer

Jesus Master of Nazareth you have through wood and nails worked out man’s full salvation.Use well your tools in your workshop that we who come to you in poor rough state may be changed to a true beauty by your hands AMEN. 
There are lots of extra curricula activities provided such as 
  • Scripture Studies/Friday Service church
  • Life Skills Development Seminars/Workshop.
  • Various Sporting/Club activities





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The Products and Services Include:Domestic, Offices & Church furniture.All types of wooden and metal doors, windows & gates.Interior Design.…

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